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I See You | Author Of Life: Poetic Inspirations Collection

I See You | Author Of Life: Poetic Inspirations Collection

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I See You offers hope to Christian parents who are praying for a prodigal.

This literary art is part of a seventeen-book journal series entitled Author Of Life: Poetic Inspirations. Each book in this collection embraces a universal topic that relates to life, love or loss and is presented with a Christian perspective. Thoughtful vignettes and original poetry, highlighted by colorful illustrations, are meant to edify, exhort and bring comfort to the followers of Jesus Christ. Lined journals complete the experience by offering place for Prayers, Promises Fulfilled and Reflections. This beautifully illustrated book is perfect for those who enjoy journaling or for those who may wish to give it as a gift.

The PDF version (without journal) is also available - absolutely free!

However you choose to receive or share its message, may God richly bless you through it.

ISBN-13: 978-1979222587 ~ ISBN-10: 1979222584